Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Mitt Romney: ‘The First Divorced Mormon Candidate for the President of the United States’?

Mitt Romney is all over the headlines again. His meeting with 30 donors in New York last week and his “I want to be president” and “I am seriously considering a run” remarks to them have fueled (yet again) wide speculation that he intends to run for the Presidency a third time. Apparently, Mr. Romney told the group that his wife Ann, who has strongly opposed another run, had changed her mind and was now “very encouraging.”

In an article in the Los Angeles Times on October 13, 2014, Mrs. Romney, in response to the matter of another run by her husband, was quoted as saying, “Done. Completely. Not only Mitt and I are done, but the kids are done. Done. Done. Done.”

In a TV interview a few days later with ABC News Digital, Mrs. Romney again addressed the question with a similar, but even more emphatic, response:

No. We’ve moved on. We’ve moved on. We’re not doing that again. It’s a no. It’s kind of cute, I mean I had a… my least political son called me the other day, the one that’s the doctor, and it’s like, ‘Mom, are you guys thinking of running again… I’m starting to read things.’ I’m like, ‘Ben, no. Like you have to ask me that question, no’. Cause you know even our own children are reading all of this and they’re thinking, ‘Are you thinking about it, and it’s just, it is a lot of talk.’

So apparently, according to Mitt, his wife has softened to the idea, and is at least willing to consider it. Perhaps the change of heart had something to do with all the adulation showered on her husband during the Congressional mid-term elections. Mr. Romney campaigned widely for Republican candidates and was enthusiastically sought out for speaking engagements, fundraisers.

All that excitement on the campaign trail, and seeing all of Mitt’s adoring fans (plus the sweet smell of victory… for a change) must’ve convinced Mrs. Romney that it might be fun to have another go at it. It’s nice to hear over and over again, “Ah, Mitt would have been such a great president! … and the world would be such a better place.” Must have convinced her.

Maybe. Maybe not.

In an interview on The Steve Malzberg Show earlier this week, John Zogby of Zogby Analytics and the Zogby Poll revealed:

A very prominent conservative Republican consultant called me last night and said that he spoke to Ann Romney over the weekend and Ann said if Mitt runs, he will run as the first divorced Mormon candidate for the president of the United States.

I don’t know. Sure sounds like a deal breaker to me.


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