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The Pimienta 31

There’s a small town in the state of Chiapas, Mexico called La Pimienta (… pimienta means pepper, by the way). It’s a not so uncommon a name for a town or village in Latin America. In this particular case, it’s a rural mining town of about 3,806 people. On Friday (May 8, 2015), public health officials arrived in La Pimienta and, using loudspeakers, announced that they would be giving vaccinations to newborn babies.

There are no medical clinics or hospitals in La Pimienta; it’s a very poor area. So when the government health care workers showed up offering vaccines, local parents brought their babies. A total of 52 infants received the Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (for tuberculosis), rotavirus and Hepatitis B vaccines on Friday. By that evening, 31 of the children “presented adverse reactions presumably associated with the application of these vaccines,” according to Mexican health officials.

Two of the children (each 1 year of age) have died, while the remaining 29 have been hospitalized (in the nearby city of Simojovel) for what are believed to be “side effects” of the vaccines. Six of those 29 are in critical condition.

A reporter with the Associated Press (AP) was apparently told by a Roman Catholic priest, Father Marcelo Pérez, as saying that the families of the dead infants became sick within hours of being vaccinated.

Health officials have not confirmed the cause of two deaths and the illnesses, so as a precautionary measure the Mexican Institute for Social Security on Saturday (May 9) suspended all Hep B vaccines from the production lot used within the municipality of Simojovel.

Parents interviewed said that shortly after their children had received their vaccines they came down with fever and were unable to sleep due to the convulsions they were suffering, as well as other symptoms. They described how their children felt intense pain in their head.

The parents of the two infants who died buried their children on Sunday. Government authorities in Simojovel provided the families with the coffins. The parents were so incensed at what happened that they did not allow medical personnel to perform autopsies on the babies.

Yeah, vaccines are really safe. You betcha. Thirty-one out of 52. How do you like them odds?

3 Responses to “The Pimienta 31”

  1. Heidi Dunson

    Pharmaceutical companies have sickened and killed children in many countries. I would not believe the parents of the vaccine murdered babies were the only driving force behind not having autopsies. It sickens me that the medical community, politicians and pharma are willing to destroy children just for money and power. In California bill SB-277 which requires all vaccines currently listed for children ta attend school has been passing its way up with the help of criminal politicians of which many are well funded by pharmaceutical companies. This bill is also targeting lower income kids who’s parents cannot homeschool. The monsters behind these crimes against children and humanity must be exposed and destroyed. In 1986 pharmaceutical companies were given immunity from lawsuits involving vaccine injured and vaccine murdered children. Since then, the number of vaccines given has risen dramatically. The number of vaccines administered at once has also jumped along with autism. Most people just believe anything the government and medical community tells them, those of us who know better are desperately trying to alert these blind followers before our children’s bodies are controlled by the government and illness and death take thousands more innocent kids because they were forcibly poisoned in exchange for being allowed to attend school. WAKE UP!!! Only those children from financially prosperous families will be safe and have choices..


  2. dolphin

    Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:
    Here is IDsent’s report on the incident of vaccine deaths in Mexico. He offers a deeper report.


  3. sally0204

    I read they are saying it was bacteria.They say the deaths and injuries had nothing to do with the vaccines.Never the vaccine.



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