Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Outliers versus Mainstreamers

The Outliers

I think one of the main disconnects we Outliers have with the Mainstreamers (on vaccines) is that many of us have already looked at both sides of the issue. Practically all of us began this journey being mostly or entirely “pro-vax”. We believed the mainstream paradigm on vaccines. But the more we researched, the more we realized that the paradigm is a house of cards.

So what some may perceive as closed mindedness isn’t really so much that, rather a frustration of how others can’t see what is staring them in the face. We simply cannot understand how any rational, intelligent adult cannot at least have some doubt, some questions about mainstream vaccine science and vaccination policy. The evidence is all around us. This is why we are so passionate, so angry, so appalled. This is certainly true for me.

I believe 100% that vaccination will go down as perhaps the worst human tragedy in human history. Yep, THAT bad. I think we are harming and killing tens of millions (and many more than that throughout the past century) of people, destroying at least 2 or 3 generations.

And for what? An unwillingness to question and dig deeper than what we are being fed by an extremely corrupt system (with endless conflicts of interest and revolving doors) that supports a massively powerful and wealthy industry that has been given liability-free status for its products? That, in itself, is insane… certainly if you believe at all in the beauty of the free market system. That alone should give any reasonable person pause.

And, specifically, on the matter of the children? … Hysteria and infantile logic notwithstanding, healthy, unvaccinated children pose a danger to no one. On the contrary, they are the gems of our society. They are the ones who, by benefit of their strong immune systems, serve as the counter-weight to all those poorly-nourished, sugar-enamored, over-drugged, sleep-deprived, stranger-to-the-Sun, slothenly, unhealthy kids who are the breeding ground for infectious disease.

It is the parents of these children who, for the “greater good” should be requesting exemptions for their brood to be allowed to mingle with the rest… and more, should beg the public’s forgiveness for their utter ignorance and neglect.


2 Responses to “Outliers versus Mainstreamers”

  1. Barbara

    Thank you. I agree with you completely that the majority of us, the highly educated and more sophisticated (code word for older) humans were, at one time, pro-vaccine. We bought into the lies told us. We didn’t check for ourselves – we knew that this was one area we could just trust the doctors. Until someone we knew was injured. Or until we had a story come onto our radar that gave us pause. So we researched. And researched. Both sides. Good. And bad. But every good side had holes. And conflicts. And manipulation of data. Or missing data. And the bad contained studies that showed problems with the science. And we read and we heard thousands of stories of harm and death. Too many stories to be reconciled with what we had been told – that vaccine injuries were rare. And then we thought about the “acceptable” number of injured and killed (whether you use the “rare” numbers or not) and we could not reconcile this in a world of doctors whose oath begins, “First, do no harm…”. And then the resultant research of our own illnesses and injuries and those of our families began to make sense. The behavior and regression. The food “allergies”. The seizures that were actually connected to the vaccines by the doctors, but once again said to be “rare”.

    Once your eyes are open, they cannot “unsee” the truth. They can close, but the inside of our eyelids are painted with the lies and corruption; the injuries and death; the downward spiral of what used to be the best health are in the World, but is now just a shadow of its former self.



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