Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Those horrid Mexicans are not the problem

I think it’s important to understand that, for nearly a decade now, the vast number of illegal immigrants entering the US have been NOT Mexicans, but rather Central Americans. Because Mexico’s economy has been booming (largely because of NAFTA), more Mexicans have been returning to Mexico than come from Mexico.

So this idea that the Mexican government has been encouraging its citizens to emigrate to the US lacks credibility. And, as to WHY Central Americans have been flocking to the US (through Mexican territory)? You know, all those refugees.

It has to do with the destruction of their communities, families and homes as a result of the drug trade and the US-sponsored wars (in Mexico and Central America, as well as South America) against the drug cartels. Who is fueling that drug trade? Yep, you guessed it… the good ole American consumer.

Oh, and we’re also selling all those guns to the cartels and their contracted gang bangers our government is supposedly fighting. All those gun shop owners are happy, and so is the NRA. Brilliant, huh?

Which leads us back to how chronically sick and addicted to drugs (both legal and illegal) Americans are. We are always so quick to blame other nations for our problems, but we seldom look inward at things we may be doing to create or exacerbate those problems.

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