Marco Cáceres di Iorio

The mainstream vaccine paradigm is horridly wrong

The mainstream vaccine science paradigm is a house of cards. It is built on flawed recollections of history and flawed science which, in turn, have produced wrong assumptions and outright untruths about everything from the safety and effectiveness of vaccines to the expertise and credibility of vaccine apologists.

No, vaccines did not save us from the spread of infectious disease. That is a myth. The credit for that goes to improved sanitation and nutrition and the practice of quarantine. No, “herd immunity” is not real. It was a theory based on observations of the spread of infectious disease in unvaccinated populations. It was never intended to be applied to vaccinated populations.

No, vaccines do not provide life-long immunity. That scientific belief turned out to be false. Vaccinated people remain susceptible to infectious disease, and this can regularly be seen when outbreaks occur in highly vaccinated communities. No, vaccine efficacy is not the same as vaccine effectiveness. Simply because a vaccine stimulates the production of antibodies does not mean that those antibodies will prevent someone from contracting an infectious disease. More false science.

And what about all those medical doctors who keep assuring us vaccines are perfectly safe and are key to keeping us healthy and free from infectious disease? No, they are not “experts,” as they would like us to believe. Doctors learned practically nothing about vaccines (other than the vaccine schedule) in medical school, and so they do not necessarily know what they’re talking about.

Today’s mainstream vaccine paradigm, which is pushed by everyone from doctors and public health officials to legislators and the media, is so peppered with holes that it is astounding it did not collapse long ago. Yet, it is this paradigm to which we are forced to submit as a result of draconian mandates requiring us and our children to get vaccinated for an ever expanding list of diseases and chronic health conditions at a time when these diseases and conditions are dramatically and mysteriously on the rise.

Contrary to what apologists for the mainstream vaccine paradigm say, we are not getting healthier as a result of vaccines. Quite the opposite. So why is there so little interest in entertaining the possibility that vaccines may be a cause of our diminishing health. Because the prospect of this paradigm being so wrong is too horrid to contemplate, despite the fact there is plenty of evidence to show that the paradigm is indeed seriously wrong.

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