Marco Cáceres di Iorio

They call them “boosters” in La La Land

Vaccination is not the equivalent of immunization. The only way you can have immunity to an infectious disease is by actually getting the disease itself. That’s it. Yes, I know it’s a drag, but that’s just the way we have evolved. Or for the less Darwinian of you, the way we were created.

We know that vaccines can be efficacious. In other words, that they can stimulate the production of antibodies. But we also know that the presence of vaccine-stimulated antibodies alone does not necessarily protect you from contracting a disease. The immune system is vastly more complex than that, and we’re still in the dark ages with regard to the science of immunology.

So no, we have no idea how effective are vaccines (… assuming they are effective at all). Again, efficacy is not the same effectiveness. We do know that, repeatedly, people who have been fully vaccinated still end up contracting the disease against which they were vaccinated. It happens, and perhaps much more than we know.

But instead of using logic and good old common sense to conclude that, in such cases, the vaccines didn’t work, doctors, public health officials, legislators and, of course, pharmaceutical reps chose to submit to the illogical and nonsensical conclusion that what is required is simply MORE of the same vaccines.

They have cleverly concocted a name for this sort of irrationality—”boosters.”

In the real world where educated, reasonable, and sane people reside, when a product repeatedly fails, it is removed from the market and written off as the cost of doing business. Hey, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But not so in the La La Land of vaccines. In that strange world, failed, worthless, and even dangerous products are repeatedly prescribed to the masses who are assured with a straight face, “The next one will truly protect you. No worries.”

They are not written off. Instead, the makers of these miserable products double down on them, push them even harder on their sad, gullible victims who cannot begin to conceive of the possibility that they are being shamelessly played like a fiddle, to imagine that someone could be so grotesquely unkind as to risk the health and lives of so many for the sake of mere profit.


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