Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Ah, and the Liberals Bicker On

Watch what develops over the next few days between Luis Zelaya and Elvin Santos of the Liberal Party in Honduras. Luis Zelaya wants all 26 Liberal members of Congress to vote as a united front in favor of an alliance with all the opposition members of Congress, including those of Libre. Opposition meaning all those opposed to the ruling National Party.

My understanding is that the alliance would be aimed at supporting the election of a Liberal to become the president of the National Congress, thereby denying the National Party that key post and, thus, ensuring some degree of checks and balances within the government—something which is non-existent at the moment, as the Nationalists control the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches.

Luis Zelaya, who is president of the Liberal Party, has expressed his willingness to expel from the Liberal Party any of the 26 who fail to vote, as a block, in favor of the proposed alliance. It appears that Mr. Santos dislikes the idea of having the will of the Liberal Party imposed on him and others who would prefer to decide for themselves, one way or the other. He stated yesterday, “I will not allow there to be a dictatorship within my party.”

Some people have suggested that Santos doesn’t like the idea of allying himself with the socialist Libre Party and leans more toward the National Party. However, he may simply disagree with Luis Zelaya on the basis of principle… as well as not being too happy about being threatened. Santos added:

They should not come and tell me that they are going to expel those who do not abide by the rules they impose. This party belongs to all liberals and no one should come and threaten them… much less start lying in social media the way they are (referring to his alleged National Party preference).

Then again, it could all just be a clash egos between two competing leaders within the Liberal Party. Santos was the Liberal Party candidate for the Presidency in 2009 and Luis Zelaya was the party’s candidate in 2017.


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