Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Just Look What We’re Doing to Our Immune Systems

Increasingly, “inflammation” is believed to be at the core of many, if not most, of the chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases that plague a huge portion of the American people. Inflammation is what occurs when the body’s immune system becomes stimulated. It is a normal process designed to fight infections and other external threats.

When the body is under attack, its immune system is activated and releases toxic chemicals to fight off the attack. When the attack is over, the immune system switches off and no more toxins are produced.

The problem comes when the immune system is constantly stimulated and is never allowed to switch off. This over-stimulation causes prolonged inflammation caused by the prolonged release of toxic chemicals, which ends up causing untold damage to the body’s cell structure. It is this damage that results in the countless chronic illnesses and diseases that have become epidemic in the United States.

Look around you and listen to how many of your friends, relatives, and colleagues are complaining about an illness or disease they’ve been diagnosed with.

We are not a healthy people. We are increasingly sick and even disabled. And it’s primarily because our own immune systems are attacking us because of things we are doing to ourselves to over-stimulate them. In most cases, we do not know we’re doing this. Mostly, we do it to ourselves through what we eat and drink. Ingest. We also do it through the things we spray and rub on ourselves. Absorb. We do it through the things we’re exposed to in the environment, like pesticides and home cleaning products.

In some cases, like vaccines, we over-stimulate our immune systems on purpose. Vaccines are inflammatory by design. Now, ain’t that a trip. Each time we inject a vaccine into ourselves and our children, we over-stimulate our immune systems, thus stimulating the production of toxic chemicals, such as cytokines, that can can harm, disable, or kill us.

And not only do vaccines lead to the production dangerous chemicals by our immune systems, they destroy our key antioxidants like glutathione that help us excrete some of the harmful substances in vaccines like alumunium and mercury that cause the over-stimulation in the first place.

There is a serious lack of understanding of basic human health and physiology going around, and it’s being promoted by precisely those who claim to be experts in the field. (I’ll let you figure out who you think I’m talking about.)

Oh, and… look at all the medication we’re on. (Watch TV lately.) These aren’t cures, they’re mainly pain blockers aimed at allowing us to get through another day, get some sleep at night. (Why do we need so many of these?) All the while, the chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases continue to pile up. And our healthcare professionals walk around in a daze, shrugging their shoulders saying, “Heck, we don’t know what’s causing it all.” Yeah. (Gave it away, didn’t I.)


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