Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Oh please. This is America?

Under current Democratic establishment rules, six candidates have, thus far, qualified for the next Democratic presidential primary debate on December 19, 2019. Four of them are US Senators, one is a Mayor of a small city, and one is a billionaire hedge fund manager. Four of them are men and two are women. Two of them are nearly 80 years old and one is in her early 70s. All of them are white.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Senators and Mayors  and Wall Street billionaires. More power to ’em. Success is a great thing. The fact that there’s a little gender diversity is also a good thing. So, no problem there. But I do have a little problem with the age thing, because the average life expectancy of a man in America is about 76 years. So I guess I just can’t get too excited about guys living on borrowed time.

Honestly, the all white thing also kind of bothers me. I always make fun of my Republican friends whenever they repeat that silly “We are the Big Tent party” slogan. I marvel at how they can even remotely manage to keep a straight face when they say it. I certainly can’t control my laughter when they shamelessly use it.

Really? We Democrats, who take so much pride in our diversity, cannot manage a little color on stage? Maybe a dash more youth? Another lady, perhaps. I tell ya what… We’ll get her to wear white.

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