My advice to her would be to stick in there. I think the polling at this stage is usually completely wrong (they had Hillary wiping the field – and she did not win the nomination until very late in the game, even with the DNC and party elders tilting the playing field); they did not have Trump anywhere in the mix at this point 4 years ago. In 2008, they did not have Obama anywhere at this point. It was all Biden and Hillary then – until the first votes are cast.

I don’t see the rank and file of the Dem party voting for Biden – he is a buffoon, and very obviously losing mental facilities- and he did not have a lot there to start with. Sanders and Warren are two shrieking harridans that are unpleasant to even listen to, and their politics are just way too far out there, even for the Dem party (the ones that actually vote).

That will leave someone from the pack that will take over.