Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Yep, Tulsi wants a ‘fundamental restructuring of America’s role abroad.’ And that’s a good thing.

This following quote is taken from the kind of person who represents one of the greatest threats to the United States…

We are living in an era where the foreign policy consensus—a bipartisan commitment to NATO, to the liberal international order—is being undermined by neo-isolationists like Democrat Tulsi Gabbard and Republican Rand Paul, who seek a fundamental restructuring of America’s role abroad, including its longstanding alliance with Israel.

— Bari Weiss, opinion writer and editor for The New York Times

Not only does Weiss deal in smearing good, intelligent and honorable people, she seems to believe that the paradigm for the current world order is working just fine and dandy—that the ship should not be rocked because, okay, it’s leaking, but only slightly. It’s precisely that manner of thinking that has cost US taxpayers more than $6 trillion since 9/11 invading, occupying and bombing countries throughout the Middle East.

These adventures have cost the lives of nearly 7,000 US service men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq alone. They have also cost the lives of roughly 250,000 civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Then, of course, there is Syria.

And what has it gotten us? More security? The elimination of terrorism? Stable and prosperous Jeffersonian democracies? Huge potential markets for American products and culture? The love and fond wishes of Arabs, Muslims, Kurds? Their undying friendship and allegiance? Less influence and presence of Russians in the region?

Are we really better off after all the spent treasure and all the killing? Are we a safer, more prosperous, happier and more noble country? Or are we poorer, weaker, more fearful and more hypocritical and morally corrupt than we have ever been?

That pretty much sums up the hole America has dug for itself in the past two decades. Yet, it keeps digging and pretending that it was all worth it, and that all that is needed is more of the same for as far into the future as the eye can see. That is the mentality of robotic figurines like Bari Weiss and others who seem unable to piece together an original thought.

It is precisely figurines like Weiss who serve as the most powerful reminder of the rightness of Tulsi’s foreign policy platform and the wrongness of those who, in all their glorious ignorance, continue to see no real problem in the idea of endless war, policing, nation building and American bungling.



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