Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Vaccines: It’s Elmo’s World

So it has come to this, has it. It’s not enough to call for imprisoning parents who choose the human right of informed consent on vaccinating themselves and their children. It’s not enough that parents in Pakistan are already being jailed for exercising that right. It’s not enough that in Australia the government is moving to cut welfare payments to parents who choose that right. It’s not enough that Americans have already been fired from their jobs for choosing that right.

It’s not enough there is talk of preventing those who choose that right from filing federal taxes or disallowing them from taking a child tax deduction. It’s not enough there is talk of revoking the medical licenses of doctors who allow their patients to choose that right.

It’s not enough that parents are being told they must vaccinate their children even if their children have had bad reactions to vaccines and are disabled. It’s not enough there is talk of forcing the flu vaccine on pregnant women who do not willingly submit. It’s not enough there are doctors who refuse medical care for patients who opt against vaccinating or strictly adhering to the government’s vaccination schedule.

It’s not enough that there is talk of preventing people from obtaining their driver’s license unless they fully vaccinate. Even talk about preventing people who refuse some or all of the vaccines dictated by their government from using public transportation. Of course, there is the public education thing and all those bills toying with the exemptions.

Even with all of this, it still isn’t enough. When withholding doesn’t seem to work, then, well… there is always bribery. In Australia the government announced today (April 19, 2015) that the $6 bonus it pays doctors to “prompt” parents to vaccinate their children will be doubled to $12 (for each prompt). Hmm, an extra six bucks.

Yes, we are officially in Wayne’s World. Great movie. But we’re not done yet. Not until we enter Elmo’s World. That’s the upper tier. That’s Vegas. That’s when you know you’ve made it to the big time… to the land of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Kristen Bell. Welcome Surgeon General Murthy. You finally made it, buddy.

4 Responses to “Vaccines: It’s Elmo’s World”

  1. Antoinette

    Sad, propoganda targeted towards children who don’t have knowledge to decipher truth from fact. Using Elmo, is SICK ~ come on!

    By the way, I don’t always use an umbrella, because there is nothing wrong with getting wet. Just like the human body can over come getting sick.

    Vaccines are drugs and chemicals ~ that have lists of consequences and can make the body sick. That’s a known fact!


  2. Willing Ham

    These are our leaders. Unfuckingreal.

    Why does Murthy look like a nervous high school drama student?


  3. Heather Plude

    Is this aired on PBS? OMG – this is awful. I’m sick thinking my government may force me to vaccinate myself and my children. I would leave the country.

    The last time my son got vaccinated, I spent a year watching him have seizures and other “unexplainable” symptoms and eventually (me – not the doctors) figuring out how to detox him.

    Don’t sell that crap to kids.

    The sad thing is, they don’t have to sell it to kids, they just have to slip laws through congress that legalize mass euthanization… I mean mandatory vaccines.



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